Android Samples


Demonstrates how to use Activity scene transitions when transitioning from one activity to another.

Android L Kitchen Sink

Demonstrates new Android L features including support v7.

Android L Notifications

Demonstrates how new features for notifications added in Android L are used.

App Restriction Schema

Demonstrates using a profile owner to set app restrictions in Android.

Camera2 Basic Sample

Dmonstrates the basic use of the new Camera2 APIs.

Camera2Raw Sample

Demonstrates capturing RAW camera buffer using Camera2


Demonstrates how record video on Android L using Android.Hardware.Camera2.


Demonstration of the CardView API introduced in Android L.


This sample demonstrates simple clipping in Android L.


This sample demonstrates the basic usage of the new Document-Centric Apps API.


Demonstrates how to change the label of a document activity in recents using Document-Centric API.

Drawable Tinting

Demonstrates applying tinting and color filters to Drawables, programmatically and in XML.

Elevation Basic

This sample demonstrates two alternative ways to move a view in the z-axis.

Elevation Drag

This sample demonstrates a drag and drop action on different shapes.

Floating Action Button Basic

This sample shows the two sizes of Floating Action Buttons and how to interact with them.


This sample demonstrates the use of animation interpolators and path animations for Material Design.

Job Scheduler

This sample demonstrates the new JobScheduler API.


This example illustrates a common usage of the DrawerLayout widget in the Android support library.


Demonstrates use of RecyclerView with a LinearLayoutManager.

Reveal Effect Basic

Basic sample to demonstrate the reveal effect.


Demonstrates use of Media Projection API to capture device screen and show it on a SurfaceView.


Basic sample of replacing the ActionBar with the new ToolBar.

Topeka for Android

A fun to play quiz that showcases material design on Android