Android Samples

ActionBarCompat ListPopupMenu Sample

Demonstrates how to display a pop up menu using PopupMenu from the v7 appcompat library.

Active Notifications Sample

App Usage Statistics Sample

Demonstrates the use of the App usage statistics API.

C# Dynamic Test

This sample demonstrates the use of dynamic types in DLR.

Content Provider Demo

Demonstrates how a Content Provider can be implemented in Mono for Android.

DataLayer Sample

Demonstrates using the wearable APIs to send messages and stream data.

Direct Boot Sample

Demonstrates how to store data in a device-protected storage.

Directory Selection Sample

Demonstrates use of the Directory Selection API to let users select an entire directory subtree.

Embedded Resource

Demonstrates how to load a resource that has been built into the assembly.


This is a functional test for "ExportAttribute" which is new in Mono for Android 4.2.

Google IO 2011 App in Mono for Android

This is a port of the [Google IO 2011 Schedule App].


Demonstrates the Leaderboard and Achievement features for Google Play Games.

Messaging Service Sample

Demonstrates a simple service that sends notifications using NotificationCompat.

Permission Request Sample

Demonstrates use of the PermissionRequest API to securely provide access to restricted system features.


Demonstrates sending a list of notifications pages to an Android Wear device, with each page describing a step in a recipe.


Demonstrates how to enable safe browsing.

Sanity Tests

SanityTests is a hodgepodge of things to test various API interactions.

Scoped Directory Access Sample

Demonstrates a new way to interact with specific storage locations.

Searchable Dictionary v2

Demonstrates the use of Android's search framework.

Storage Client

Demonstrates how to let users choose a file via the system's file browser.

Storage Provider

Demonstrates how to manage documents and expose them to the Android system for sharing.


Demonstrates using listener services to create three kinds of notifications.


Demonstrates a cross-platform todo application that allows you to track todo/task items.


This version of Tasky uses a Portable Class Library and SQLite NuGet package to encapsulate and share code across platforms.

Tasky Pro

Demonstrates proper application architecture layering and using a common code base.

TextSwitcher Sample

This sample illustrates the use of a TextSwitcher to display animations for text changes.


Based on the existing iOS and Android sample, but completely rewritten for Xamarin.Forms.


This sample demonstrates a Todo list application where the data is stored and accessed in a local SQLite database.

TodoLocalized (Xamarin.Forms)

Demonstrates how to localize Xamarin.Forms using RESX.

TodoLocalized RTL (Xamarin.Forms)

Demonstrates how to right-to-left localize Xamarin.Forms apps.

Topeka for Android

A fun to play quiz that showcases material design on Android