Android Samples

A simple 'HelloWorld' GUI created purely from code.

A simple 'HelloWorld' GUI created with Urho.Gui framework.

Animating 3D scene example.

Shows how to create a 3D scene using a custom component to animate the objects, controlling scene ambiance with Zone components and attaching lights to a Node (the camera).

Billboard example.

Populates a 3D scene with boolboard sets and several shadow casting spotlights and shows rendering performance with large object and light counts.

Chat example

Starting up a network server or connecting to it; Implementing simple chat functionality with network messages.

Console input example.

Console input example.

CrowdNavigation example.

Crow navigation example using a dynamic navigation mesh with obstacles and agents navigating the space .

Decals example.

Performs a raycast to the Octree and adds decals to hit location, shows large objects being used as occluders.

GUI test example.

Urho's Gui framework sample.


HelloWorld written in Urho.

Huge object count example.

Huge object count example.

Light animation example.

Light animation example.

Material animation example.

Material animation example.

Moving character example.

Controlling a humanoid character through physics; Driving animations using the AnimationController component; Manual control of a bone scene node; Implementing 1st and 3rd person cameras, using raycasts to avoid the 3rd person camera clipping into scenery; Defining attributes of a custom component so that it can be saved and loaded; Using touch inputs/gyroscope for iOS/Android (implemented through an external file).

Moving sprites example.

Shows how to add Sprite elements to the UI, storing custom data on UI Elements and handling frame update events when sprites move.

Multiple viewports example.

Shows how to setup two viewports with two separate cameras as well as adding post-processing effects to a viewport render path.

Navigation example.

Generating a navigation mesh into the scene; Performing path queries to the navigation mesh; Rebuilding the navigation mesh partially when adding or removing objects; Raycasting drawable components; Making a node follow the Detour path.

Physics example.

Creating both static and moving physics objects to a scene; Displaying physics debug geometry; Using the Skybox component for setting up an unmoving sky; Saving a scene to a file and loading it to restore a previous state.

Physics stress test example.

Physics stress test example.

Ragdoll example

Shows how to detect physics collisions, moving the AnimatedModel bones with physics and connecting them with constraints and using rolling friction to stop rolling objects from moving infinitely.

Render to texture example

Creates two 3D scenes and renders one into a texture that is rendered into the other one. Shows creating rendertarget textures and materials programatically.

Scene & UI load example.

Scene load example.

Signed distance field text example.

Creating a 3D scene with static content and 3D Text using an SDF Font..

Skeletal animation example.

Shows how to populate a 3D scene with skeletarlly animated AnimatedModel components as well as shadow maps for directional lights and using the debug geometry tool.

Sound effects example

Playing sound effects and music; Controlling sound and music master volume.

Sound synthesis example.

Sound synthesis example.

Static 3D scene example.

Shows creating a 3D scene with static content and how to handle keyboard and mouse input to implement a freelook camera.

Urho2D constraints sample.

Urho2D physics constraints sample.

Urho2D particle example.

Creating a 2D scene with particle; Displaying the scene using the Renderer subsystem; Handling mouse move to move particle

Urho2D physics rope sample.

Urho2D physics rope sample with revolute and roop constraints.

Urho2D physics sample.

Urho2D physics sample.

Urho2D sprite example.

Urho2D sprite example and the use of the Renderer subsystem.

Urho2D sprite example.

Urho2D sprite animation example.

Urho2D tile map example.

Urho2D tile map example.

Vehicle example.

Creating a heightmap terrain with collision; Constructing a physical vehicle with rigid bodies for the hull and the wheels, joined with constraints.

Water example.

Water example using large planes to represent water for rendering and the use of a second camera to render reflections on the water surface.

A simple game

SamplyGame is a homage to the ShootySkies games and a showcase of how you can structure a game using UrhoSharp.


Shows the Actions framework in action, how you can attach actions to nodes

CCAction Demo

A simple project showing common and custom CCAction implementations.

CCAudioEngine Example Project

A project demonstrating the CCAudioEngine class.

CCDrawNode Gallery

A simple project showing all draw methods in CCDrawNode.

CCRenderTexture Example Project

A project showing the performance and visual benefits provided by CCRenderTexture.

CCSpriteSheet Demo

A project which loads a .plist file into a CCSpriteSheet and renders there CCSprites using CCFrames from the CCSpriteSheet.

CocosSharp and Xamarin Forms

A simple project showing how to combine Xamarin.Forms with CocosSharp.

CocosSharp BouncingGame Project for iOS and Android

This is a small, complete game using CocosSharp for iOS and Android. It is the result of working through the the entire Introduction

Coin Time

A small, full Android and iOS platformer built on CocosSharp.

Drawing Models in MonoGame

This is a small demo game using MonoGame for iOS and Android, using a shared code project. It is the result of working through the the

Drawing with Vertices in MonoGame

This is a small demo game using MonoGame for iOS and Android, using a shared code project. It is the result of working through the the

Drawing with Vertices in MonoGame

This is a small demo game using MonoGame for iOS and Android, using a shared code project. It is the result of working through the the

Dynamic geometry example.

Cloning a Model resource; Modifying the vertex buffer data of the cloned models at runtime to efficiently animate them; Creating a Model resource and its buffer data from scratch.

Fruity Falls

A full Android and iOS physics-based game built on CocosSharp.

Jet Boy

A simple game demonstrating usage of the JET audio engine.


Demonstrates the Leaderboard and Achievement features for Google Play Games.

MonoGame WalkingGame Project for iOS and Android

This is a small demo game using MonoGame for iOS and Android, using a shared code project. It is the result of working through the the

SmartHome - Xamarin.Forms + HoloLens

Smart home sample. Scan your apartments via HoloLens and observe the results in the Xamarin.Forms app


A plain old Snake game based on a TileView.

Visual Game Controller

Demonstrates the use of input from a game controller by displaying input events on the screen.