iOS Samples


This sample shows how to use CloudKit to upload and retrieve CKRecords and associated assets.


CloudKitAtlas is a sample intended as a quick introduction to CloudKit.


This sample illustrates how to derive from NSInputStream and create subclass bridged to CFReadStream.

Data Access

This sample illustrates how to use the built in SQLite functionality in iOS.


DocPicker is a sample intended as a quick introduction to using the document Picker in iOS.

Embedded Resource

Demonstrates how to load a resource that has been built into the assembly.

File System

This sample application demonstrates how to use the file system in iOS.


First steps with on-demand resources technology and Xamarin.

PhotoProgress: Using NSProgress

Demonstrates how to create and compose NSProgress objects, and show their progress in UI.

Protocols, Delegates, and Events

This sample demonstrates how to interact with Objective-C protocols from C#.


This sample application utilizes the legacy string drawing functions and the new attributed string drawing.


Demonstrates a cross-platform todo application that allows you to track todo/task items.


This version of Tasky uses a Portable Class Library and SQLite NuGet package to encapsulate and share code across platforms.

Tasky Pro

Demonstrates proper application architecture layering and using a common code base.


This sample shows how to use Core Data in a multi-threaded environment.


Based on the existing iOS and Android sample, but completely rewritten for Xamarin.Forms.


This sample demonstrates a Todo list application where the data is stored and accessed in a local SQLite database.

TodoLocalized (Xamarin.Forms)

Demonstrates how to localize Xamarin.Forms using RESX.

TodoLocalized RTL (Xamarin.Forms)

Demonstrates how to right-to-left localize Xamarin.Forms apps.