iOS Samples


Demonstrates how to use HealthKit on Apple Watch to contribute to the Activity Rings.


AirLocate shows how to use CLLocationManager to monitor and range CLBeaconRegion.

Application Shortcuts

Demonstrates how to use the UIApplicationShortcutItem class


Runs an ARKit world tracking session with content displayed in a SceneKit view. To demonstrate plane detection, the app simply places a 3D model onto the first plane that ARKit detects. If the model's position is outside the current field of view of the camera, the app uses SceneKit's positional audio feature to indicate which direction to turn the device to see the model.

Bluetooth LE Explorer

This is a cross-platform app that demonstrates how to explore Bluetooth LE devices

Core Telephony Demo

An example showing how to access the users's current call, call center and carrier information.


This sample shows how to integrate Apple Pay into a simple shopping experience


Display device location on a floorplan image using Core Location.

Handling Rotation

Shows how to handle user-interface layout changes when device is rotated.


HomeKit Catalog demonstrates how to use the HomeKit API.


Demonstrates how to add, delete, update and copy Touch ID items to keychain.

MotionActivityDemo: Integrating Motion Activity into your app

Example of using data with CoreMotion, MotionActivity and Step Counting APIs.


Demonstrates how to use the push method to receive data from Core Motion.


Simple Digit Detection Convolution Neural Networks (CNN)

Photo Handoff

Demonstrates how to use Handoff technology.

Recipes and Printing

Sample shows displaying items in a table view, allowing the user to dig into detail pages and view photos.

SceneKit F# "Oculus Thrift" (Google Cardboard) Edition

Extends F# Scene Kit for stereoscopic viewing with Google Cardboard.

SceneKit Vehicle Demo

Sample shows how to create simple iOS game with SceneKit.

Shared Resources

Demonstrates how to work with various iOS resources.


This sample demonstrates how to use HealthKit to build a workout app that runs in the background, collects data from the Apple Watch sensors, and contributes to Activity rings.


Provides an introduction to Core Motion by demonstrating how to implement virtual reality.


Illustrates responsive touch handling using coalesced and predictive touches.


Displays a UITableViewController that triggers view controller previews.