iOS Samples


Demonstrates how to use HealthKit on Apple Watch to contribute to the Activity Rings.

Application Preferences

An example on how to display application preferences in the "Settings" system application.


Runs an ARKit world tracking session with content displayed in a SceneKit view. To demonstrate plane detection, the app simply places a 3D model onto the first plane that ARKit detects. If the model's position is outside the current field of view of the camera, the app uses SceneKit's positional audio feature to indicate which direction to turn the device to see the model.


Using MTAudioProcessingTap with AVFoundation to visualize audio samples.


Demonstrates how to use the AVFoundation capture API to detect barcodes and faces.

Calendars and Reminders

Illustrates usage of the EventKit framework including Calendars and Reminders.


This sample shows how to use CloudKit to upload and retrieve CKRecords and associated assets.


CloudKitAtlas is a sample intended as a quick introduction to CloudKit.


This sample illustrates how to create a custom transition when navigating between two collection views.

Dispatch Source Examples

Coordination of specific low-level system events.


DocPicker is a sample intended as a quick introduction to using the document Picker in iOS.

Dynamic Launch Screens

This sample shows how to make Dynamic Launch Screens using a special type of Storyboard for iOS apps.


This sample shows how to integrate Apple Pay into a simple shopping experience

File System

This sample application demonstrates how to use the file system in iOS.

Fit: Store and Retrieve HealthKit Data

Fit is a sample intended as a quick introduction to HealthKit.

Hello Goodbye

This project shows you how to use the Accessibility API to widen your user base.


HomeKit Catalog demonstrates how to use the HomeKit API.


This sample code shows how to use an Action extension with a view controller.

In-App Purchase Samples

Set of samples intended as a quick introduction to in-app purchases.

Intro to iOS 7

This sample illustrates new features in iOS7.


First steps with on-demand resources technology and Xamarin.


Using Apple's keychain storage for storing information securely within an application.


Demonstrates how to add, delete, update and copy Touch ID items to keychain.


Lister is a productivity sample project which includes iOS app and iOS Today extensions app (Widget).

Local Authentication using Face ID or Touch ID

Demonstrates how to use FaceID and TouchID to authenticate the user.

MetalPerformanceShaders HelloWorld

Demonstrates how easy it is to use the MetalPerformanceShaders framework.

MonoCatalog MonoDevelop

A kitchen sink example of common UI elements and APIs used with Xamarin.iOS.

MusicMotion: Adding Motion Awareness to a Music App

This sample demonstrates best practices for CoreMotion API usage.


This sample shows how to сreate Document Provider extensions and work with iCloud storage provider.

PassKit Sample

This sample demonstrates how to interact with passes you have issued in Passbook.

Photo Filter

App extension sample showing you how to implement a Photo Editing extension.

Photo Handoff

Demonstrates how to use Handoff technology.

Picker Controls

This sample demonstrates how to interact with passes you have issued in Passbook.

Poker Night Voting

This sample application utilizes the EventKit API to allow a user to create events at specific times.

Print Sample

A simple example of using the UIKit Printing API in a Xamarin.iOS application.


This Sample demonstrates how to print to a roll-fed AirPrint printer.


This sample demonstrates how to check and request access to classes in the Privacy Settings.


Basic Photos-like app which introduces the Photos framework.


This is an app extension sample using the Share Extension.

Single Word Keyboard

Show how to create KeyboardExtension to provide a new keyboard for the system.

Social Framework Demo

This sample demonstrates using the Social Framework in iOS.


Shows how to use the AVCaptureDevice APIs to zoom with the camera.


Using Speech Recognition with AVAudioEngine

Sprite Kit Hello World

This is the Hello World Sprite kit sample, that ships with iOS 7.

Sprite Kit Physics Collisions

This example demostrates physics and collisions between objects when using Sprite Kit.

Sprite Tour

Demonstrates different features of the SKSpriteNode class.


Demonstrates a way to present ordered data to users in a grid-like fashion.


Showcases the usage of UIFieldBehavior using UIKit Dynamics.

Touch in iOS (Completed Sample)

Working with touch events and gestures in iOS.

Touch in iOS (Walkthrough)

Starting point for the walkthrough about working with touch events and gestures in iOS.

UIKit Dynamics Catalog

This sample illustrates a number of uses of UIKit Dynamics.