iOS Samples


Runs an ARKit world tracking session with content displayed in a SceneKit view. To demonstrate plane detection, the app simply places a 3D model onto the first plane that ARKit detects. If the model's position is outside the current field of view of the camera, the app uses SceneKit's positional audio feature to indicate which direction to turn the device to see the model.

CSSceneKit City

This sample shows how to create a randomly generated city using the [SceneKit API]( and is written in C#.


Demonstrates how to use SceneKit to build a game level.

Fox 2: SceneKit

This sample code demonstrates the following SceneKit features that were added in iOS 11, tvOS 11, and macOS 10.13: * Camera constraints define the camera behaviour of the app/game * A new physically-based depth of field effect achieved with “bokeh” * Screen space GPU tessellation (using Pixar’s openSubdiv) * Animation of character tones using a new animation engine (and API) * Cascaded shadow maps * GameplayKit integration

FSSceneKit City

This F# sample shows how to create a randomly generated city using Scene Kit.

Multiuser AR Experience

Transmit ARKit world-mapping data between nearby devices with the MultipeerConnectivity framework to create a shared basis for AR experiences.

SceneKit State of the Union Demo

This application render a 3D environment and presents a series of slides with SceneKit objects.

WatchPuzzle (watchOS 3)

Using SceneKit and SpriteKit on WatchOS

XamarinShot: Creating a Game for Augmented Reality

SwiftShot is an AR game for two to six players, featured in the WWDC18 keynote. Use this sample code project to experience it on your own device, see how it works, and build your own customized version of the game.