iOS Samples


Sample demonstrates how to use new UIKit features introduced in iOS 8.

Bracket Stripes

This sample shows how to use bracketing API in AVFoundation.


This sample shows how to use CloudKit to upload and retrieve CKRecords and associated assets.

CSSceneKit City

This sample shows how to create a randomly generated city using the [SceneKit API]( and is written in C#.


DocPicker is a sample intended as a quick introduction to using the document Picker in iOS.

Dynamic Launch Screens

This sample shows how to make Dynamic Launch Screens using a special type of Storyboard for iOS apps.

Fit: Store and Retrieve HealthKit Data

Fit is a sample intended as a quick introduction to HealthKit.


Display device location on a floorplan image using Core Location.

FSSceneKit City

This F# sample shows how to create a randomly generated city using Scene Kit.

Hello Goodbye

This project shows you how to use the Accessibility API to widen your user base.


This sample code shows how to use an Action extension with a view controller.

Kannada Keyboard

Kannada Keyboard is a keyboard extension for the iOS.


Demonstrates how to add, delete, update and copy Touch ID items to keychain.


Lister is a productivity sample project which includes iOS app and iOS Today extensions app (Widget).


Sample shows how to use a custom presentation controller to create a custom view controller presentation.


This sample is an equivalent for Xcode OpenGL ES template.


Extends MetalTexturedQuad sample by adding compute encoder.


Shows how to create a basic textured quad in metal.

MotionActivityDemo: Integrating Motion Activity into your app

Example of using data with CoreMotion, MotionActivity and Step Counting APIs.


This sample shows how to сreate Document Provider extensions and work with iCloud storage provider.

Photo Filter

App extension sample showing you how to implement a Photo Editing extension.

Photo Handoff

Demonstrates how to use Handoff technology.

SceneKit F# "Oculus Thrift" (Google Cardboard) Edition

Extends F# Scene Kit for stereoscopic viewing with Google Cardboard.

SceneKit Vehicle Demo

Sample shows how to create simple iOS game with SceneKit.


This is an app extension sample using the Share Extension.

Single Word Keyboard

Show how to create KeyboardExtension to provide a new keyboard for the system.

UICatalog: Creating and Customizing UIKit Controls

Sample is a catalog exhibiting many views and controls in the UIKit framework.


Sample shows how to use VTDecompressionSession to access hardware video decoder.