iOS Samples

Application Shortcuts

Demonstrates how to use the UIApplicationShortcutItem class

AstroLayout: Building Adaptive UI with Auto Layout

Sample demonstrates how to properly activate and deactivate groups of constraints.

AudioUnitV3Example: A Basic AudioUnit Extension and Host Implementation

Demonstrates how to use AudioUnitv3 API in Xamarin.iOS.


CloudKitAtlas is a sample intended as a quick introduction to CloudKit.

Collection Views: Using the New Drag-To-Reorder Feature

Sample demonstrates built-in drag-to-reorder in Collection Views.


This sample shows how to integrate Apple Pay into a simple shopping experience


Demonstrates how to use the GKMinmaxStrategist class to implement a computer-controlled opponent.


Demonstrates how to use SceneKit to build a game level.


HomeKit Catalog demonstrates how to use the HomeKit API.


First steps with on-demand resources technology and Xamarin.

MetalPerformanceShaders HelloWorld

Demonstrates how easy it is to use the MetalPerformanceShaders framework.


Sample demonstrates a multitasking ready iPad app.

MusicMotion: Adding Motion Awareness to a Music App

This sample demonstrates best practices for CoreMotion API usage.

PhotoProgress: Using NSProgress

Demonstrates how to create and compose NSProgress objects, and show their progress in UI.


This sample demonstrates how to get picture in picture playback.


This sample demonstrates how to use External References to factor your storyboards, how to combine UIStoryboardSegue subclasses with Transition Delegates and Adaptivity, and how to use unwind segues with custom container view controllers.

StackView: Using the UIStackView Control

Sample demonstrates how to use the new UIStackView control.


Showcases the usage of UIFieldBehavior using UIKit Dynamics.


Illustrates responsive touch handling using coalesced and predictive touches.


Displays a UITableViewController that triggers view controller previews.