AgentsCatalog Sample

Note: Preview. iOS only (Mac part doesn't completed)

This sample explores the different goals used by the new Agents system in GameplayKit. Several of the individual goals that an agent can perform can be found here, such as moving to a target, avoiding obstacles, and following a predefined path. AgentsCatalog also shows how to tie multiple goals together to create more complex behaviors, such as making a group of agents seek a common target while moving together as a flock.

Build Requirements

Xcode 7.0, iOS 9.0 SDK or OS X 10.11 SDK. This sample use new C# 6 features which means that you need IDE with C# 6 support(Xamarin Studio, Visual Studio 2015).

Runtime Requirements

iOS 9.0 or OS X 10.11

Useful links

Objective-C version of sample

iOS 9.0 or OS X 10.11


Xamarin port changes are released under the MIT license


Ported to Xamarin.iOS by Aaron Sky & Oleg Demchenko