ImageKit Demo

Simple demo to exercise ImageKit's ImageBrowserView.

While it is largely unrecognizable from the source, this code was inspired by and modeled after step 1 of Apple's ImageKit Demo.

This demo illustrates:

  • IKImageBrowserView.
  • IKImageBrowserDataSource.
  • IKImageBrowserItem.
  • Drag and drop support.


  • Drag images (or PDFs, etc) around the browser view to re-organize.
  • Enter search text to filter the images displayed.
  • Add images with a file browser.
  • Drag and drop images from Finder, iPhoto, etc.
  • Load images from files, folders, or urls.
  • Dragging a folder will add all files in that folder.
  • Events for double click, right click etc. are wired up, but only print notices to the console.


Ported to Xamarin.Mac by Regan Sarwas.