Source code for the Working with Images documentation on Xamarin Developer Center

Uses Xamarin.Mac.

When working with C# and .NET in a Xamarin.Mac application, you have access to the same Image and Icon tools that a developer working in in Objective-C and Xcode does.

There are several ways that image assets are used inside a Mac OS X application. From simply displaying an image as part of your application's UI to, assigning it to a UI control such as a Tool Bar or Source List Item, to providing Icons, Xamarin.Mac makes it easy to add great artwork to your Mac OS X applications in the following ways:

  • UI Elements - Images can be displayed as backgrounds or as part of your application in a Image View (NSImageView).
  • Button - Images can be displayed in buttons (NSButton).
  • Image Cell - As part of a table based control (NSTableView or NSOutlineView), images can be used in a Image Cell (NSImageCell).
  • Toolbar Item - Images can be added to a Toolbar (NSToolbar) as a Image Toolbar Item (NSToolbarItem).
  • Source List Icon - As part of a Source List (a specially formatted NSOutlineView).
  • App Icon - A series of images can be grouped together into a .icns set and used as your application's icon. See our Application Icon documentation for more information.

Additionally, Mac OS X provides a set of predefined images that can be used throughout your application. This example covers using an Image in Xamarin.Mac in all of the above listed situations.