Most modern OS X applications present auxiliary controls and options that affect the active document or selection as Inspectors that are part of the Main Window (like Apple's Pages or Numbers apps), instead of using Panel Windows.

While Panel Windows have been deprecated in Storyboards, Apple does not provide a specific User Interface Widget to build Inspectors. Instead the developer must use NSSplitViewControllers and standard UI Widgets (such as Checkboxes and Text Fields) to create the Inspector Interface.

This app shows an example of creating two different types of Inspector Panels and running those panels with a Split View. It also uses a Segment Control in the Toolbar to control the Inspector similar to Apple's Pages word processing app.

The code has been fully commented and, where available, links have be provided from key technologies or methods to relevant information in the Xamarin.Mac Guides Documentation.

A Read Me document has been provided with a brief description of how the app was designed and works along with complete API Documentation (available in Documentation/html/index.html when downloaded) for the app.