GUIUnit Example

This is a quick example showing how to package up a nunit test that requires Xamarin.Mac into a bundle and invoke it using GUIUnit.

About GUIUnit

GUIUnit (based on NUnitLite) is a small-footprint implementation of much of the current NUnit framework. It is distributed in source form and is intended for use in situations where NUnit is too large or complex. In particular, it targets mobile and embedded environments as well as testing of applications that require "embedding" the framework in another piece of software, as when testing plugin architectures.


NUnitLite is not "installed" in your system. Instead, you should include nunitlite.dll in your project. Your test assembly should be an exe file and should reference the nunitlite assembly. If you place a call like this in your Main:

new TextUI().Execute(args);

then NUnitLite will run all the tests in the test project, using the args provided. Use -help to see the available options.


NUnitLite uses the NUnit.Framework namespace, which allows relatively easy portability between NUnit and NUnitLite. Currently, there is no separate set of documentation for NUnitLite so you should use the docs for NUnit 2.6 or later in conjunction with the information in this file.

Using this Example

To use this example, do the following:

  1. In Terminal, navigate to the directory where the example is stored on your computer.
  2. Type make run to create the package.
  3. Type make clear when you are finished.