Standard Controls


This example application illustrates how to use a number of standard controls including:

  • Action Sheet

  • Activity Spinner

  • Alert View

  • Button

  • Date Picker

  • Image View

  • Label

  • Pager Control

  • Progress Bar

  • Scroll View

  • Segmented Control

  • Slider

  • Switch

  • Text Field

  • Toolbar


This sample demonstrates Android's built-in UI controls.

  • Form Controls: TextView, EditText, AutoCompleteTextView, Button, CheckBox, RadioGroup, RatingBar

  • Content Controls: ImageView, Gallery, ScrollView, GridView

  • Progress Controls: Progress Dialog, Progress Bar

  • Popups: Toast, Alert

  • Pickers: Spinner, DatePickerDialog, TimePickerDialog

  • Menus: Options Menu, Context Menu

  • Layouts: Tab Layout, RelativeLayout, LinearLayout, FrameLayout, TableLayout


Craig Dunn, Bryan Costanich