How to build the entire package from source


  • Android SDK.
    • Environment variable ANDROIDHOME=/path/to/the/sdk
    • Environment variable PATH must contain $ANDROIDHOME/tools
  • Oracle JDK 1.6. To generate supported format of JavaDoc you cannot use 1.7.
  • Apache Ant to build the library project zip.
  • Apache Maven 3.0 to build the library in its own manner and then Javadoc.

Build steps

Download Facebook Android SDK v3.0.1 from:

Extract it under this directory.

Go to facebook-android-sdk-3.0.1/facebook directory.

Copy javadoc.xml into that directory (cp ../../javadoc.xml .)

Run the following commands:

android update project -p .
ant debug
LC_ALL=en_US ant -buildfile javadoc.xml doc
zip -r bin/classes.jar bin/AndroidManifest.xml res 
mv ../../Xamarin.Facebook/Jars/

(The API Reference is generated by Ant, and it is important to provide parameter names).