OSMDroid Bindings for Xamarin.Android

This is an example of how to create bindings for a .jar file using a Java Binding Project in Xamarin.Android. This example creates a binding for osmdroid - an alternative to Google Maps based on the OpenStreetMap.

There are two projects:

  • OsmDroid.csproj is the solution that holds the Java Binding Project for the osmdroid.jar. The is project is kept in the directory OsmDroid.
  • OsmDroidTest.csproj is a Xamarin.Android application that gives a quick example of using the new binding. The code for this project is kept in the directory OsmDroidTest. Because of a bug in Xamarin.Android, the binding OsmDroid is built as a DLL and then copied to the lib folder. This DLL is then referenced by OsmDroidTest, and not the project file OsmDroidBinding.csproj.

The lib folder holds the two reference .jar files that are necessary to bind OSMDroid.