This is a port of Apple's RosyWriter sample to C# and MonoTouch.

This sample shows how to use AVFoundation to capture video, process video frames (in this example, we remove the "green" component from each frame turning images rosy), show the resulting data and optionally save the resulting video and audio into the user's Photo storage.

This sample shows multiple parts of iOS in action:

* GLKit to easily setup a GL context, load shaders and render frames.

* AVFoundation to connect to the video camera

* CoreVide's OpenGLTextureCache to directly bind camera frames
      to OpenGL textures

* ALAssets for creating assets.

* Grand Central Dispatch, showing how the main thread uses two
      separate dispatch queues with their own threads to perform
      the CPU intensive "pinkening" and the saving of the data.


This port was written by Eric Beisecker of Xamarin.