Sprite Tour

This sample is a port to apple’s WWDC2013 Sprite Tour sample. Link to Apple’s sample: https://developer.apple.com/downloads/index.action?name=WWDC%202013#

This Sprite Kit example uses multiple scenes to demonstrate each of the different features of the SKSpriteNode class.

Each scene demonstrates one major concept. You can learn one technique from each sample, then decide which techniques are useful and how to combine them together.

BasicSprites Shows how to create a default textured or untextured sprite.

ColorizedSprites Shows how to apply a colorization effect to a textured sprite.

ResizingSprites Shows how a sprite can be resized, with different scaling effects applied to the texture.

SpriteAnchors Shows how a sprite’s anchor position can be changed so that the texture image is not centered on the sprite’s position.

SpriteBlending Shows how an additive blending mode can be used to simulate lights.

AnimatedSprites Shows how a sprite’s texture image can be animated.