Drag and Drop CollectionView Example

This sample is a demo of the new iOS 11 Drag and Drop feature using UICollectionView & UITableView.

Test this app on an iPad - the drag and drop functionality does not work on iPhone. Things you can do:

  • Individual photos can be moved within an album, or dragged to a new album (use your other hand to select :)
  • Entire albums can be dragged, moving all the photos inside to the new album
  • Individual photos can be dragged into other apps (eg. Messages)
  • Entire albums can be dragged into other apps (eg. Messages), copying all the photos inside to the other app
  • Albums can be re-ordered using the Edit button and row tabs
  • New images can be dynamically generated with the Start Insertions button

drag and drop example screenshot


Xamarin port changes are released under the MIT license


Ported to Xamarin.iOS by Craig Dunn