Visual Studio with Xamarin

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last updated: 2016-12

Xamarin supports Android, iOS, and Mac projects in Visual Studio

Developers familiar with Visual Studio can leverage existing skills and increase productivity by developing for Xamarin with Visual Studio. Visual Studio support also means that applications sharing code between iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows can be developed in the same IDE. This section will introduce Xamarin Visual Studio support, and provide guidelines for developing Xamarin applications in Visual Studio.


Introduction to Xamarin.iOS for Visual Studio

This article shows how to build, and test Xamarin iOS applications using Visual Studio. It will explain how to use Visual Studio to create new iOS projects, build an iOS application and then compile, test and debug using a networked Mac to host Apple’s compiler and simulator, and Xamarin’s build toolchain.

Creating iOS UI in Code

This article examines how to create iOS applications entirely in code using Visual Studio. It shows how to start from an empty project template to build an application screen in a controller by creating a hierarchy of views from UIKit. Then, it discusses how to create custom views that can be loaded in a controller.

Introduction to the iOS Designer

The iOS Designer was introduced to Xamarin for Visual Studio in the Xamarin 3 release. This guide covers the features of the iOS designer. It covers designer basics and demonstrates using the designer to lay out controls visually and to edit properties.


Use Xamarin Android Player from Visual Studio in VMWare or Parallels

The Xamarin Android Player can provide high-performance testing on your Mac while debugging in Visual Studio inside a virtual machine.

Introduction to the Android Designer

The Android visual designer (documented here for Xamarin Studio) works the same way in Visual Studio.


Xamarin for Visual Studio 4.2 supports cross-platform solutions that include Xamarin.Mac projects. Mac project can be open and built locally to highlight compiler errors, but working Mac apps or libraries are not produced - the project must still be built on a Mac with Xamarin Studio to create a distributable app.

Check the release notes for more details.

Xamarin Workbook

If it's not already installed, install the Xamarin Workbooks app first. The workbook file should download automatically, but if it doesn't, just click to start the workbook download manually.